Welcome to the finale!!! Welcome to the moment I dreamt of way back in 2009 when I signed my first book deal. Welcome to the end of my testimony. I believe that we are all caught up to the current. I P.O.E.T.T. is the closing of a three book essay. the first book was the introduction, the second book was the body, and this book is the closing. I wanted to find a way to make everyone a poet, and since poets are essentially story tellers, I knew we all had a story to tell. I’ve told my story and in this book I got a little help from some family. I P.O.E.T.T. is what we all live by. if you have made it this far through life you have a story a perseverance. That is what makes you a P.O.E.T.T.  Cause you’ve Persevered Over Every Trial & Tribulation.


    Poison Pen Chronicles: I P.O.E.T.T. (I Persevere Over EverY Trial & Tribulation)

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